Paul Masmejean assesses each client and their families to create a solution toward a healthy, realistic lifelong path to recovery. Paul understands that every client is different so the process will be evidently different based on the specific needs of each individual. 

 Having both personal and professional experience in the field of recovery, paul has acquired a wide network of clinicians and has relationships with recovery professionals all over the city and neighboring states. 

In house services

Sober Coaching

Provides structure to help individuals navigate the city whilst being newly sober.

Assisting clients in taking new actions to create new healthy, happy, and lasting behaviors. Here to create unique programs for each client and find how to best support the lifestyles that the client would ultimately like to achieve.

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Sober Companionship

Coaching option that involves 24-hour personal care for any client in need of additional support.

This is the ultimate level of care to help ensure a client's safety as well as increasing their chances of recovery during crucial and tough periods. Additionally, available to travel for those clients that may have specific travel or business needs, as many find they need additional support when leaving their support network for work or vacation in early recovery.

Adolescent Mentoring

Provides support for teenagers when they need it most. 

Balancing academics, extracurricular activities, and the social dynamics of simply being a teen can be hard to manage all at once. Create a Family Action Plan that helps both parents and client deal with the changes and maintaining healthy relationships. 

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